Christian Motorsports International, Inc, conducts ministry as Team RFC, Racers For Christ, Rodders For Christ, Restorers For Christ, Pullers For Christ, Rockcrawlers For Christ, and RFC kids. The ministry was established in 1971, approved as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit in 1974, and incorporated in 1978. All financial records and accounting procedures are overseen by a professional CPA, Mr. Norman Moline, who also files our state and federal tax returns.

In a letter Mr. Moline stated…

“To those in the motorsports realm, I can recommend RFC as an organization worthy of support. From my personal observations, RFC spends a substantial percentage of it’s donations on direct ministry, its’ salaries are reasonable, and it strives to be a faithful steward of funds entrusted to it.”

It is our serious belief that Christian stewardship recognizes that God alone is the Owner of all things – and hence is the Source of our supply. We have a primary responsibility to God as that source, and we are first and foremost answerable to Him for every penny placed in our care. We are also governed by a board of directors, who add further oversight to all financial dealings and concerns related to the ministry and operations of Team RFC.

Christian stewardship also recognizes that people are most often the channel through which God supplies our needs. In this regard, we merely become an avenue by by which concerned donors can fulfill their own burden for the world of motorsports as it relates to prayerful and financial support.

We are, therefore, totally dependent upon God for the gracious support received from faithful donors. Without their faithfulness, we would have no tangible means of support.

We respect the intelligence and integrity of our donors and believe it is unchristian to manipulate people to give. We, therefore, reject methods which are manipulative in nature, no matter what success they may achieve in other organizations. We believe in motivation rather than manipulation.

We adhere to a strict policy for establishing salaries, relying on guidelines published by the Christian Leadership Alliance, a professional consulting group assisting in the management of Christian organizations. We also are Members with ECFA: Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. ECFA provides accreditation to leading Christian nonprofit organizations that faithfully demonstrate compliance with established standards for financial accountability, fund-raising and board governance.


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