What a great week working with the Dakota Baptist in Sturgis.
There were nearly 4000 people who came into the tent and heard 3 minute testimonies from the volunteers and 513 accepted Jesus as their savior. God’s people who are willing to go and share how God changes lives, do make an impact on the world.

I’ve been involved in racing drag cars and boats along with some super stock flat bottoms. In October of 2010 I was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer. The only Chaplin I know was Allen Yearling who lives about 120 miles from me. After we talked on the phone a few times Allen drove down to be with me the night before my surgery and the next morning when I arrived at the hospital in Hot Springs Ar. Allen was there waiting for me. We sat in the waiting room talking and praying. After I woke up and in my room Allen was there to greet me and pray. RFC is not only a church but a family too. I don’t get to the races much now but when I do I go find their trailer and say hi….. RFC is a great comfort for me always greet you with a smile and handshake… Thank you for being there for me and all the racers and their families…. I’m cancer free by the grace of God… Kevin

I would like to take the time to thank James Scott, Brad Gordon and Sheri Lotton Gordon for their services yesterday at the 5th Annual 2014 Puddingstone Sprint Boat Races sanctioned by APBA and SCOA. It was a very difficult day, as we lost one of our own during a parade lap. They were there to offer prayer to all and comfort to the family and the boat racing community. Thank you RFC for the services that you offer to these events and we thank the Lord for putting this service on your heart of all your volunteers. Mandy

We in the dirt sports nation are so blessed to have Steve G Hanson there for us. Such dedication, love and support for the racers and families. Thank you Steve for always being there and for Danielle his gracious wife for supporting his service to the Lord. Just Awesome! The LeDuc Racing family and many others appreciate you more than you know. Kim
You gentlemen bless and encourage me. I did not grow up seeing strong men of faith. Women were the ones who were strong in their faith and went to church. When I see men stepping up and being strong in their faith and witness for Jesus it really blesses me, and really fills a missing gap in my young life that I always longed to have filled as a role model…. even though I am 59 now. Thank you!  Cathy

We appreciate Racers for Christ and God Speed Ministries! What would we do without them at the racetrack?

I so appreciate that Paul Neighbors, officiated at my husband’s memorial service. He did wonderfully, and such a nice person as well.  Millie
Thank you for all you do and keeping us safe at the track.
Thank you for the versus and pictures you upload. I have run your sticker on my racecar for the guardianship since I started racing in 2000. Always look at RFC before I race. Now I look at it for peace. Thanks

I love it!!!  Had to repost!!!!!!  Blessings to all. Great job with the stories/testimonies in pictures. It is good medicine!  Go God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Tammie

On the AMA pro motocross circuit. Some things have a lasting impression. Thank you Phil!
Thank You Marlin Smith for visiting with my dad today before his surgery it was greatly appreciated!!!
Just a thank you for the decals and newsletter.  I’m still fighting this cancer but hope to race again this summer.  I miss all of my racing friends.  Thanks again.  Steve

I have had the pleasure to meet and become friends with Craig and Bev and I’m telling you they are the greatest down to earth people you will ever know. My only regret is that I don’t have the chance to visit with them enough.

I use to work at the strip at beech bend in Bowling Green while I was in college. I was born and raised in a conservative Christian home. I wasn’t thrilled with working weekends but it worked with my classes and I enjoyed the cars and people I worked for. I just want to say thanks for the services and the ministry. Having few Sundays free It meant so much to me to have people walk up to me before a race, ask me how I was doing, and if they could say a prayer with me. I graduated this year and landed a good job with weekends off. Can’t say I miss scraping rubber with a torch to the 330 at 12pm. A day in the Lords house beats the track anyday.

I met a man named Craig Garland on a drag boat website several years ago. We had never met in person but talked via Internet quite often. My mother in law became very Ill and kept telling me she needed prayer. She was an amazing woman of God. I called Craig and asked him if he could come pray with her. It seemed like no time and in walked he and Bev. The prayers were so appreciated. She passed 4 days later. I call on Craig a lot. He is a Saint. He does so much for so many. He is such an inspiration to me. Last August, at age 49 he baptized me. I can’t say enough about how wonderful this man of God is. He has helped me through a lot. May the good Lord continue to bless you so you can continue to spread His word and bless others. You mean the world to me. (so does Bev) xoxo

I love reading your post…it’s like food for my soul…Thank you

We have attended several NHRA national event chapel services and have seen first hand the impact RFC has had in people’s lives.
Keep up the good work,

I saw a call for testimonials and had to share this. My cousin, Matthew, who works as a pit crewman for Alanabi- Shawn Langdon just sent this testimonial after their World Championship run;

Wow! World champion! What a weekend, and such a awesome season!! I have been so blessed by such an amazing God. I give all the glory to him. I am nothing without you Jesus. Thank you for always being right there by my side. A big thank you to my family and friends. I love you all so much. It was so cool to share another championship with my dad. Thanks dad! A lot has changed since my first title, and I’m happy to say its for the better. I now have something real, true, solid, and everlasting in my life. And that is Jesus. He has changed me from the inside out. The old me in gone. I’m finally living the way I was created to live. And I couldn’t be happier. I owe it all to him. Now it’s time to enjoy this! I love you all!!

For years at the boat races, there was no Sunday service, until Larry and Linda smiley came.  I was a born and raised catholic and Clem was a fallen away catholic.  After several races and several people commenting how wonderful the service was, we decided to go.  We are so glad we did, as it fulfilled the spiritual of the day for us, plus we’ve met the most caring, loving and wonderful Racers for Christ ministry through the years.  From our first attendance with a few people, the attendance grew overwhelmingly by the end of the season and into the next year.  What a wonderful service Racers for Christ has done, not only for our family, but many others as well.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your presence, through “thick and thin”, not only with the racers, but their families.

(I’m sure I could have worded this better, but there are no words to fully express our appreciation … it’s all in our hearts.
Much love,

You have made RFC my church. You and your colleagues’ sermons, humor and leadership have made a real difference in my life as well as my family’s. Thanks and keep up the good work.


You ask how RFC has impacted me; well I just wanted to tell you that our RFC chaplain Tom Ratliff, married my husband and myself at silver dollar raceway in October. We are so grateful that he was able to do this for us. We are at the tracks so much that we do not get to attend our regular church often.  So it was just natural to have RFC marry us. Thank you for being at the tracks for us.


Earlier this month my mom’s health took a serious down turn, to the point where we thought we’d lose her. This was just before the PSCA race in Vegas where our daughter runs her Jr. dragster with the NHRA Jr. Drag racing league. My mom rebounded a bit and we actually ended up attending the event. We made it to the finals at the event and while we were in the staging lanes I approached the attending RFC representative; with a tear in my eye I told him our story. He immediately took my hand and told me “I’ll pray for your mom, your family & your daughter in her race”. We ended up winning the final, our first ever, and when I turned around the RFC rep was right there behind me, about as excited as we were. It was a great day. We lost my mom last night after a lengthy battle with Alzheimer’s disease. I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank this organization for the prayers and all the efforts you take to attend and greet everyone at these events. Thank you…

I’d like to say a great big…thank you…to RFC chaplain Lee Taylor who came out to the Midwest Jr. Super Series race this weekend to pray with the kids. It was great having you there Mr. Lee! Thanks so much for praying with Anson before his run. I appreciate your presence and service, and hope to see many more staging lane prayers amongst our Jr. Drag racing friends!

Billie Jo

I was involved with Racers for Christ for many years. I attended chapel services at the races whenever I could. When my husband, Jon, was killed in an accident three years ago, we were returning from the ihra bracket finals. I was injured in the accident and spent a week in the hospital. One of our track’s chaplains, Sheryl Brown, tried to find a chaplain that was closer to the hospital than she was to come check on me. When she couldn’t find anyone, she took off work and came to stay near the hospital to be there for me. That was definitely a blessing to me. When it came time to bury Jon, I ask Sheryl to do the graveside service. She made a difficult time a little easier to deal with.