Director: Mike Griffith  Cell: (918) 807-1182
Assistant Director:  Eddie Baugher   Office: (480) 507-5323   Cell: (918) 855-4240

The Liquid Quarter Mile, as it is known, is the venue for drag boat racing. And, just like their asphalt siblings, they love to go fast. You will see everything from outboard boats and personal watercraft, to big blocks with v-drives, jet boats and even fire breathing, nitro burning, top fuel boats.

A majority of the competitors race open boats. They have no roll cage or safety harness. They are subjected to the elements with little more than a life jacket, helmet, and in some cases, a parachute strapped to their back. Then there are the pro mod, alcohol flat bottom, top alcohol hydro and top fuel boats. They are definitely not for a quiet, lazy day, on the lake or river. These boats all have a capsule with full roll cage. They produce some serious horsepower and lay down some very quick times through the lights.

Drag boat racing is a very serious and very dangerous sport. It is no wonder the boat racers love having Team RFC chaplains at their events. We are honored to have the privilege of representing our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, with several boat racing organizations throughout the United States. No matter if it is giving the invocation, praying with the drivers at the in-ramp, conducting a chapel service, performing a wedding ceremony, or any of the other numerous things we may be called upon to do; we are there, serving as ambassadors for Christ, and meeting the needs of this wonderful community of people.


Series WebsiteSeries NameSeries ChaplainTelephone
SDBASouthern Drag Boat AssociationMike Griffith918.807.1182
LODBRSLucas Oil Drag Boat Racing SeriesMike Griffith918.807.1182
ADBAArizona Drag Boat AssociationRich Trimmer602.448.6995
CDBAColumbia Drag Boat AssociationDan Kirkman541.659.7704
DSRADeep South Racing AssociationTIm Hamilton281.795.5155
KDBAKentucky Drag Boat AssociationVince Ottway270.217.2937
NJBANational Jet Boat AssociationGreg Wangler949.887.7684
NIDBANorthern Illinois Drag Boat AssociationMark Groth630.251.5161



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