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Meet William and Stacy Zahorsky, the RFC kids Children’s Program Directors.  William became a volunteer chaplain with Racers for Christ in 1998, and Stacy did so in 2004. The Zahorskys created, organized, implemented, coordinated, and have directed RFC kids since 2002. They reside near Alva, OK and have been married since 1985. William and Stacy are blessed with three beautiful children. Christopher lives in Norman, OK while attending college and working his way up the ranks of Bank of America.  Keaton, who also lives in Norman, devotes his time and attention to receiving both his bachelor’s and master’s degree in five years at the University of Oklahoma College of Engineering. Kristen, the youngest, lives at home and spends her time homeschooling and traveling with William and Stacy to NHRA events.

The RFC kids Children’s Program seeks to provide Godly influence and to impact the world of motorsports for Jesus Christ. Our vision is to positively impact the lives of all children, families, and individuals involved in the drag racing community. RFC kids accomplish this by building meaningful relationships, serving the racing community, and providing age appropriate children’s sessions.  Our goal is to attend as many events as possible, to always be available, and provide meaningful children’s sessions at drag racing and other events by giving children and parents a safe, positive atmosphere in a fun, learning environment in which to interact.

“We have experienced God’s love, mercy, grace, and power in many ways as we have watched Him build the RFC kids Children’s Program. It has been an honor and privilege to be a part of what God has done and continues to do through RFC kids. We have seen Christ’s love touch and change many lives in a positive way. Our lives have dramatically changed as well since committing to the ministry full-time five years ago. God has been faithful to take care for us and has used many people to touch our hearts as well. We pray that people will not only see that, but allow Him to do the same in their lives as well. As we look forward, we embrace each day, anticipating what God has in store, and seek His direction. We appreciate all those who have assisted, supported, prayed, encouraged, and challenged us in our journey. Each of you has been a vital part of the RFC kids Children’s Program. We love you and pray that you will be blessed abundantly in return.”

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Meet our RFC kids National Event Series Chaplains Mark and Clifva Budke.










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