Birthday Challenge

Are you celebrating a birthday this year? Of course you are!  So, we want to make sure and wish you a Happy Birthday!  Birthdays are special for all of us.  It is something everybody has in common – we all have a birthday!

Jim Jack was the first to take the challenge and donated $67 in celebration of his 67th birthday ($1.00 for every year).  Jim encouraged others to join him in the Birthday Challenge. We were so blessed that you celebrated your birthday by giving a gift to Team RFC last year on your special day.

Our President, Larry Smiley, also accepted the Birthday Challenge; he donated $65 last year on his birthday.  He also made a $25 donation to honor Jim Jack on his birthday.  Larry called this the Team RFC® Chaplain Challenge.

Another year brings about another birthday. Our challenge to you is to, once again, accept the Team RFC® Birthday Challenge and donate your age to Team RFC® in celebration of your birthday. You can carry this challenge one step further by challenging as many friends and family as you can to accept the Team RFC® Birthday Challenge… on a yearly basis. This will allow us to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ to even greater numbers of people.

Also, if a Team RFC® Chaplain has impacted your life, please consider honoring them with a $25 Chaplain Challenge donation in their name. Chaplain Challenge donations will be credited to the area of ministry in which the named Chaplain serves. Join in the fun by supporting an organization that cares about you and your loved ones, and is making a difference in the motorsports community one life at a time.

Birthday Blessings,

Eddie Baugher, Field Ministry Director


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