50th Anniversary Book

Racers for Christ – 50 Years of Fuel for the Soul

In 1971, we started with a group of 5 men in Southern California who had a vision to share the love of Christ with drivers and fans at racing events.  Now decades later, we are celebrating our 50th anniversary by sharing a book of 35 devotions from chaplains and racers across the country, interwoven with stories of the rich history and timeline of our ministry to the world of motorsports.

God’s Faithfulness

Explore God’s faithfulness at the track one decade at a time as He expands our ministry and His impact from five people to now more than 400 chaplains with 8 regions and 8 specialized ministries.

God’s movement

Experience God’s working as you read fifty stories of how he has changed lives through ministry at the track. Each story is then paired with a mini Bible study.

God’s Word

Interwoven with the stories of ministry at the track are Bible studies that will help you grow in your faith. They are split into three topics: Salvation/Discipleship, Christian Life, and Church.

What it's About

This book is full of stories that show how RFC is a light to the world of motorsports. Each story also has a Bible devotional that can be applied to our everyday lives. As you read through the chapters, I pray that you will be encouraged to grow closer in your relationship with God and be inspired to live out your faith and let your light shine before everyone around you. –Antron Brown, 3 Time NHRA Top Fuel World Champion


In January of 1994, under the direction of Jim Jack, RFC launched its efforts to begin a ministry with the NHRA Jr. Drag Racing League for kids age eight to seventeen years old. This ministry opened a new door for hundreds of children to be exposed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ at the race track. . . 


Even though he was raised in a religious family that attended church every Sunday, Hughes often missed those gatherings because so much of his time was spent at the track. That all changed one Sunday, however, when Racers For Christ chaplain and board member Jim Jack invited him to a chapel service . . .

Bible Study

When Jesus rose from the dead, it wasn’t just meant to be a demonstra- tion of God’s great power. It was quite literally meant to show the world that death had been defeated—not the death we will ultimately experience in our mortal bodies, but the death to our immortal souls that invaded the earth when Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden . . .

Faith Questions

  1. Describe a time in your life when you were asked to do something but struggled to follow through. What factors led you to have low confidence in that situation?
  2. Do you believe that leaders and influencers are “born with it,” have to “work for it,” or something else?
  3. What are your primary takeaways from the story about Gideon? What does the story speak to you when it comes to your personal belief about

Ministry Impact

Any type of motorsports in the world can benefit from the efforts of RFC. Not only do they help create an inner peace with individuals, but a feeling of peace throughout an entire event as well.” – Jim Hughes, Tucson Dragway