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Meet Joey

Joey Getz, Director of the Ark-La-Tex region of the NOW 600 series, has been a racer for 14 years and moved to mini-sprint about 4 years ago where he met Chaplain Tim. Over the years, Chaplain Tim has offered prayer when needed, guidance navigating and expressing emotions due to past trauma, and provided a listening ear. Joey said he has also been challenged by Chaplain Tim to think about situations in life differently.

Joey has invited Tim to be the series chaplain for the NOW 600 Ark-La-Tex region and said that the series would not operate the same without him. One tangible way that the presence of Racers For Christ has impacted the racers is in their attitudes. Joey shared that the racers were a rough crowd when he started as the Director and there was unsportsmanlike conduct. New rules began to be enforced causing some racers to be upset. However, when Chaplain Tim came around, fights were stopped, people apologized for their actions and the attitudes and altercations reduced. RFC’s presence at the races has created a more positive environment.

Our chaplains share the love of Jesus at the track and change lives!

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2021 Goals

$8,000 to Equip Chaplains

Training, equipping and sending chaplains has a cost. With this amount, we could fully train 32 new chaplains. 160 chaplain credentials could be obtained, 1,600 Bibles could be purchased to hand out and 4,000 devotionals could go out to point people to Jesus Christ. Our chaplains also often need gas or a hotel stay so they can serve for a whole weekend. Donate now to ensure our chaplains have what they need to continue fueling faith in Jesus at the track.

new Montly Partners

Ministry donors are the reason we can continue fueling faith in Jesus Christ in the world of motorsports. The company we partner with to process donations has offered a $1,000 match for the first $1,000 in new monthly recurring donors on our site.

Fueling Faith at the Track

Our vision is to see the world of motorsports impacted for Jesus Christ by individuals entering into a personal relationship with Him and then growing in those relationships. We strive to provide fellowship, pastoral care, evangelism, and service so that Jesus’ name is proclaimed at the track. 

Pastoral Care

During a long weekend of serving racers in Utah, Chaplain Rich found himself traveling between three hospitals. There were three major crashes and to ensure he was providing pastoral care and meeting the emotional and spiritual needs of these racers, he traveled more than 1,000 miles, making sure these people felt the love of Jesus Christ.


Every Sunday morning where there is a national NHRA event, you will find Chaplains Eddie and Kelley along with a team of chaplains preparing for a chapel service. They seek to provide a place where Christians can come together in fellowship and worship Jesus together when they cannot make it to their home church. We have hundreds of chapel services just like this one every year where people can connect with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who share a passion for motorsports.


Chaplain Chuck attended a very large Rodders event. He has a heart to proclaim the name of Jesus with whomever he can. In serving the thousands of people that were there, he handed out more than 800 gospel tracts. We believe that lives are changed when people hear the gospel and respond by putting their faith in Jesus Christ. Chaplain Chuck ensured that more than 800 people had the opportunity to hear the good news!


64 cars waited to make their run down the drag way hoping for a win at a recent race that Chaplains Kevin and Paul attended. Because of the inherent dangers in drag racing, our chaplains seek to be available for prayer before a racer hits their gas pedal. We have heard reports that these prayers bring much needed peace to the drivers. Because of their willingness to serve others, Chaplains Kevin and Paul were able to cover all drivers who indicated interest, in prayer. This often is a great way to start opening doors for further faith conversations as the drivers experience Jesus’ love.