God Incidents On and Off the Track

The day started out with something new. The owner ( Aaron) and myself did a Facebook Live. Aaron asked me some questions and I also spoke some about what I do as a chaplain. He also asked me to share a recent personal experience I had told him about:

I was on my way to work on Thursday and got stuck in major traffic. The interstate was shut down to one lane. Normally I would be upset, but instead proceeded to listen to a sermon on the radio. I made it to the parking garage about 25 minutes later than usual. I got out of the car and was startled when I heard a voice speaking to me. I looked over and it was a Scott Count KY Sheriff Deputy in a police suv. He had parked and wanted to know if he was sticking out too far. I told him he would have more room in the next space. He proceed to park as I began to walk away. He called out to me again and asked if that was a Bible in my hand. When I told him it was, he said he tries to have worship time in his vehicle with the Lord. He also said he would like to pray. He said he wanted us both to pray.

We embraced and both of us prayed. We encouraged one another and went on our separated ways.

The traffic jam delayed me long enough that we both came in contact with one another. Only God can do that.

Aaron has decided we are going to do more Facebook Live posts called “Five Minute Moments” in which I share various God incidents at the track and elsewhere.