Hot Rod Season opening, Vasa, Finland May 1st 2021
Scandinavia is known for having tons of wonderful classic American cars and hot rods. The scene over here is totally different than in the USA. Many young people are involved as well as real car enthusiasts. Today, May 1st was the kick off for the season and a few hundred cars cruised through the town of Vasa. The cruise was not legally organised due to restrictions but people came as it is a long tradition to start the cruises on May 1st. So happened also this year and we were there with our 1973 Buick representing Team RFC. Met some people, talked with some people and gave away some books. Our mission this summer is to be at more events and people will know who we are and what we believe in. People are always welcome to come and talk to us as we do not want to attack these people on their events. We are there, serving them. Now the season has started and we are still waiting for the warm summer to come.
Pontus & Sebastian