Team RFC is making a difference in northern Europe!

Before last winter we came up with the idea of doing Team RFC ”snowmobile ministry”. It took us a while to find our right place and now it seems like we found our place. During the winter in Finland snowmobile sports are very popular due to our cold climate, especially up north. There are snow cross, enduro races, drag races… you name it. Most races driven with the latest equipment. We found our spot with the vintage snowmobile people and the last two weeks has just been filled with excitement.

To go from an almost modern snowmobile to a vintage snowmobile brings back memories from my childhood when I started riding with my dad’s snowmobile in the mid 70´s. I also grew up on that very same snowmobile as it took me from place to place during the winters when I was a teenager. Now I am back in the saddle and I could never have believed that what is taking place now is actually reality. The same year I turn 50 I have have driven my first snow cross race ever. Of course with Team RFC on the back of my jacket.

We just got back home from a two week trip up north. We started with a wonderful day with the Vintage snowmobile club of Finland at Sallatunturi (Mountain Salla). On the ride we did on top of a mountain we could see the original Mountain Salla on the other side of the Russian border. Felt a little bit spooky in times like these. We are living in a time when we see pandemics and wars. Now the war is just around the corner from us. Finland share over 800 miles of border with Russia. People are scared and the only hope we can give them is Jesus. We had such a blessed time with the club and we hope to be back next winter again at another location.

Wintage Weikot is a non profit organisation who race vintage snowmobiles. This was our first time together with them and it was there I did my first race ever in the one cylinder class, Leafer One. I made it to the goal in the first heat but forgot the second heat. Lots of people, lots of action. I got to sing and share during the day as well as at the evening festivities. People seemed to have a good time and one of our keys into the world of motorsports is rock and roll. They walk hand in hand here and when you deliver music the message comes naturally.

During this trip we gave away the book about my life. A true story about how Jesus can change a life. We also gave away my latest cd in Finnish. Now we have one foot in and one more trip to do. The next race is end of April in Levi. We have already been asked to take care of the music and we have said yes. The weekend after that we are heading to another fishing event with snowmobiles on a big lake on the border to Norway and Sweden. The distances are long and right now the diesel is expensive. Last trip would not have been possible without help from Team RFC USA. Thank you very much! Between the events where there is time we also visit youth facilities to meet the youth who are struggling in life. It has been well received and we want to encourage the youth to do motorsports instead of drugs and alcohol. The most important thing is the relationship with the Lord!

You are more than welcome to help us with this last winter season trip up north. We want to continue to build the relationships with the snowmobile community. Our main goal is to be together with them and serve them. They all know what we believe in and we are there for the people. In times like this people have concerns and questions. We have the answer; No matter what happens we all need Jesus in our lives. We hope to raise $1500 for this coming trip. Meanwhile we are working on the summer season including hot rod events and races. We live in a country with different seasons. Thats why it never gets boring!

God Bless You All!
Pontus J. Back
Chaplain, Europe