Michelle Domagala_Photo 1

Michelle Domagala, Board Member – Director

Indianapolis, IN


Michelle Domagala is the newest member to join The Racers for Christ Board of Directors.  She is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of The Ohio State University, majoring in Communication and minoring in Consumer Affairs.  For the past 7 years she has served varies roles with The Professional Racers Owners Organization, Inc., which represents the interests of team owners and drivers in the sport of NHRA Drag Racing.

Michelle’s life in drag racing is filled with travel.  While her heart remains true to her native state of Ohio, she also finds delight in a “circus-like” life of “suitcase-living” with her husband.  She knows that she has been blessed with amazing opportunities to travel both domestically and internationally and thus recognizes those opportunities as a chance to spread God’s word through relationships and experiences.

She credits Racers for Christ with playing an integral role in her faith journey.  “I always knew God was present in my life.  However, it was through the efforts of Racers for Christ team members, at the NHRA drag races, that I came to a deeper understanding of his unending love and grace. I realized that I had been setting my own standards of right and wrong and thus I was making decisions based on morals alone.”  She now knows, however, that true happiness is achieved when utilizing faith-based standards.  “I no longer make the rules. Rather, I pray that I get out of the way and let
His work be done.”

Michelle believes that the future is bright for RFC and she encourages racers and fans alike to turn to the organization for prayer and guidance; ultimately leading to a deeper understanding of faith.