William & Stacy Zahorsky are the RFC kids Children’s Program Directors. William became a volunteer chaplain with Racers For Christ in 2001 and Stacy became a chaplain in 2006. The Zahorskys created and implemented the RFC kids program in 2002. From 2002-2014 they traveled the U.S. providing RFC kids at NHRA national and divisional events, until they were sidelined in May of 2014 by an accident while traveling to a NHRA national event. Since that time, despite the fact that they no longer are able to travel to the events, they continue to organize and direct the program from their home near Alva, OK. Their focus is now on growing and expanding the program with the help of Mark and Clifva Budke, the RFC kids Assistant Directors.

The Zahorskys have been married since 1985. William began a career in the steel construction industry in 1985 and later became the general manager with the same company that he started. After 23 years of service, he left the company to devote his full efforts to RFC kids along with his family. Out of college, Stacy began working in the banking industry but soon decided to stay home in order to raise a family. Stacy later began serving as the children’s ministry director at their local church, where she would teach and coordinate children’s activities for 18 years. William and Stacy have been blessed with three wonderful children. Christopher, born in 1990, continues to live in Norman, OK where he went to college at the University of Oklahoma and now works as a computer technician. Keaton, born in 1993, completed his bachelor’s degree at the University of Oklahoma as Outstanding Senior in computer engineering. He is now active in starting his own innovative technology company, as well as working as a DJ in his spare time. Kristen, born in 2000, still lives at home and stays busy with homeschooling, singing on the praise and worship team, and driving her family everywhere, under the new-found freedom of her learner’s permit.

Mark & Clifva Budke became the RFC kids Assistant Directors in August of 2015 and have become a tremendous asset to the RFC kids Children’s Program. Clifva began assisting William & Stacy with RFC kids in 2007, but after they were sidelined by the accident in 2014, Mark & Clifva felt God’s calling and stepped up as a team, by offering to provide RFC kids at NHRA national events. Since then, Mark & Clifva have fallen in love with the tight-knit racing community and have played a big part in expanding the RFC kids program into the Lucas Oil drag boat races. Mark & Clifva both grew up in Nebraska. They were junior high school sweethearts, despite living 11 miles apart and attending different schools. Mark grew up in Indianola, NE, but spent most of his free time at his dad’s motorcycle shop, which happened to be in Clifva’s hometown of McCook, NE. While growing up, Mark loved to race motorcycles and Clifva was always close by as his “pit tootsie” (favorite fan). Eager to begin a life of their own, Mark & Clifva were married in 1981. Mark worked at Pepsi for 34 years before retiring in 2016 in order to devote more time to RFC and the RFC kids program. Clifva has specialized in medical billing and coding since 1988 and founded her own medical billing company in Santee, CA in 2000, which she continues to run remotely as they travel. In addition, Clifva not only studied counseling and psychology in college, but she also attended the Life Coach Institute of Orange County in order to become a certified life coach. The Budkes have two beautiful daughters. The oldest is Breana. She is married and now lives in McCook, NE along with her husband and their energetic 5-year-old son, Chandler. Their youngest daughter Brittany was recently married and now lives with her husband in Crossville, TN. Besides spending time with their family and their dog, Belle, they also love going to dirt track races, hunting for vintage antiques, spending time in the mountains and taking long walks on a beach.



Our Purpose

The RFC kids Children’s Program seeks to provide Godly influence and to impact the world of motorsports for Jesus Christ. Our vision is to positively impact the lives of all the children, families and individuals involved in the drag racing community. RFC kids accomplishes this by building meaningful relationships, serving the racing community and providing age appropriate children’s sessions. Our goal is to attend as many events as possible, to always be available, and provide meaningful children’s activities at drag racing and other motorsports events by giving children and their parents a safe, positive atmosphere in a fun learning environment in which to interact.


Our Vision

As God continues to lead the way and open doors, we desire to see RFC kids continue to grow in the drag racing community and other venues such as drag boat racing, circle track racing, car shows and more. RFC kids broke ground into the drag boat racing community in 2016 and is working to continue to build from that in 2017 and beyond. RFC kids continues to seek out other gifted and qualified chaplains or prospective chaplains to lead RFC kids events as we continue to grow.


Our Hearts

We have experienced God’s love, mercy, and power in many ways as we have watched Him build the RFC kids Children’s Program. It has been an honor and privilege to be a part of what God has done and continues to do through RFC kids. We have seen Christ’s love touch and change many lives in a positive way. Our lives have dramatically changed as well since committing to the ministry full-time. God has been faithful to take care of us and has used many people to touch our hearts as well. We pray that people will not only see that, but allow Him to do the same in their lives as well. As we look forward, we embrace each day, anticipating what God has in store, and seek His direction. We appreciate all those who have assisted, supported, prayed, encouraged, and challenged us in our journey. Each of you has been a vital part of the RFC kids Children’s Program. We love you and pray that you will be blessed abundantly in return.”


If at any time, you would like to contact us, please feel free to do so in any of the following ways:

Email: RFCkids@teamrfc.org

William Zahorsky (cell): 580-748-2887

Stacy Zahorsky (cell): 580-748-2888

William & Stacy (home): 580-327-1441

Mark Budke (cell): 619-997-7271

Clifva Budke (cell): 619-997-7277