rock crawling

Team RFC® serves the 4 x 4 off-road competitors as they precisely and methodically maneuver the rock crawling courses around the country.  Our Dirt Sports Director, Steve Hansen, works with Chaplain Tom Campbell to bring the gospel to this unique motorsport. They can be found at the following series’ and races:

Dirt Riot and W.E Rock Series


Ultra4 Pro and Regional Series

Chaplain Steve Hanson

Director of Dirt Sports Ministries

Chaplain Steve Hanson has been the Dirt Sport Ministry director since 2012 and has been serving with Racers for Christ since 2006. In addition to chaplain duties, time permitting, Steve competes with Long Beach Racers in the local desert series namely MDR & MORE. He has a lovely wife, Danielle and three boys.

Steve raises his salary as a missionary chaplain to the dirt sports community through Racers For Christ. He is able to attend hundreds of events and display the love of Jesus to thousands of people because of generous donations to the dirt sports ministry. Please pray about supporting Steve in spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world of dirt sports.