After two years of lockdowns and restrictions we are looking forward to something more normal. We pray and hope that things starts to open up more and more as it has been a challenge to be out there reaching people during the worldwide pandemic. Still we have tried to do our best and this summer we were out on the roads in Sweden and Finland. Most motor events as races and cruising events were cancelled but we still got to attend a few during our 46 day trip, During 46 days we had 40 outreach events. Even if it was hard it was probably one of the best summers so far.
There is life after death
Last spring we took home our Cadillac hearse from Florida. We have been doing our trips with this and it has a clear message. Everyone who sees this car that over here is something very unique gets a clear message; ”Don’t worry! There is life after death!” That is the statement on the car. Not only on the cruising- or outreach events this car has been a key to discussions with people. We stand on a totally different level when the people come and ask us questions about life after death. We have good news for them all and we have seen people receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. This is why we do what we do. 
Gospel Express & Winter activities
Since our camper became small and we did not have the space to invite people to come in for discussions, prayers and coffee we have now purchased a bus that we are converting to a mobile home called ”Gospel Express”. This will be our new home on the coming journeys and it is so big so we can seat 6-8 people in the front for discussions, prayers and coffee. We have been blessed as another ministry bought us a coffee machine that makes one fresh cup of coffee from fresh beans. Nobody can complain that we have bad coffee. We will serve the best to our visitors. Over a good cup of coffee we are looking forward to share the good news to those who come in with prayer requests or need counselling. We are also building a pull out stage that comes out from the storage room so we can set up our own stage at any motor event. Our plan is to tour throughout Europe with Gospel Express next year. We have seen that music together with the Gospel at events goes hand in hand and is a good tool to reach souls.
Before we get to do our long European tour that starts next spring we have something called ”winter” over here. We are continuing the work we started up north above the Arctic circle last winter. In the middle of January we are going to be serving at the 57th Arctic rally that is a major rally event with
drivers from all over Europe. Last year was our first time there and this year we already know some of the people.
Besides the rally event we are of course continuing the Team RFC Snowmobile ministry and will deliver the good news on snowmobiles to the
snowmobile people. We hope to attend more snowmobile drag races as well as other snowmobile events this year as it looks better with the restrictions so more events can hopefully be held this winter.
We are proud being part of Team RFC and together bring the good news about Jesus Christ to people that comes in our way.
God Bless You All!
Pontus J. Back, Chaplain, Europe
Johan Sebastian Back, Field Staff, Europe
Pictures from our summer missions