The Southeast Region Includes:  Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina,  Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Florida

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Tom Ratliff
Southeast Region Director

Tom and Cathy Ratliff have been serving as Team RFC Chaplains for over 20 years. Tom began his service in 1992 as a volunteer local track chaplain while serving a church in Bradenton, FL. One year later Tom and Cathy stepped out in faith to become full time Series Chaplains for The Super Chevy Show. They enjoyed 9 wonderful years serving the Super Chevy Series; ministering and making wonderful friends across America traveling in their old Blue Bird Motorhome with their three young children Ben, Levi and Hannah. “We ministered as a family, home schooling our children so we could all be together. We moved to Kentucky and rented a farm in order to be as close the center of the country as possible making many more great friends there!”

In 2001 Tom became the  Team RFC Southeast Region Director. “Our children were ready for a more normal life and schooling experience. We also missed our family back in Florida.” So Tom and family moved to Eustis, FL and began another chapter of their life. Cathy, a math teacher when Tom met her while attending Southwestern Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, TX, decided to teach again.

“In 22 years I have witnessed tremendous growth in Team RFC!  We have come from a ministry of a few to a few, to one serving thousands with hundreds of Chaplains.  Though we have grown in quantity our message and method has remained the same.  We have been given the opportunity and the responsibility to represent Jesus Christ and His Gospel to the world of motorsports.  I praise God for this opportunity and the privilege of serving the racing community along side of so many dedicated men and women who bear the name of Racers For Christ!”

Hobbies: Tom and Cathy enjoy their families, racing, motorcycle riding, glass bead making, boating, fishing and scuba diving.

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