The Southwest Region Includes: California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Hawaii, Baja California, Sonora

Southwest Regional Directors: Rich & Teri Trimmer

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Rich and Teri started as volunteer chaplains with RFC in January 2010. Both have been involved in many forms of racing all their lives.

Teri worked with various sprint car teams covering mainly the Southwest. Teri currently and for the last 10 years has worked motorsports safety for many different types of racing. She is a Firefighter/ EMT and has been a civilian employee for the Phoenix Fire Department for the last 19 years.

Rich grew up in racing and for close to the last 30 years has worked motorsports safety around North America and has even taken him to South Africa. In 2010 he followed the Lord’s call to ministry and became a full time volunteer with RFC. September 2012 Rich was appointed the full time position of Southwest Region Director. This position allowed Rich to become a deputized fund raiser.

Rich and Teri are the series chaplains for the Arizona Drag Boat Association (ADBA) along with covering as many of the NHRA events in the Southwest that they can. They plan to cover about 38 events this year. Along with all the racing, Rich & Teri are attending school to complete their Bachelor’s degrees in Theology and become ordained pastors.

Regional Director:

Rich Trimmer

(602) 448-6995

email: racinchap@hotmail.com