Region 8 – International

Racers For Christ may have begun in Southern California in 1971, but by 1977 we had chaplains starting to go outside the boarders of the United States to minister at the Baja 500 in Mexico.  In 1978, when we incorporated, we changed our name to Racers For Christ International.  In 1990 we changed our name again, to reflect the growing areas of ministry to the world of motorsports outside of the racing world, to Christian Motorsports International, Inc.  We still operate under Racers For Christ, along with several other names.  And, even though our home office is in Arizona, we have many chaplains serving around the world.  Besides the United States we have staff serving in 5 other countries.

We have chaplains serving in Europe, Australia, Canada & Mexico.  Currently, our chaplains serving in Canada and Mexico are connected to the Region Directors within the United States.  If you want to learn more about what is happening in Europe and Finland, click on the links below.