Rev. Jim Jack

By Jim Jack

            When I was a young boy drag racing was like an addiction to me, and I thought “One of These Days” I am going to own and drive a Top Fuel Dragster. Well, that day never came, but I’d still like to try my hand at it. I have literally watched thousands of runs for over six decades, and have driven a Super Comp dragster, so I’m sure I could do it. I have been in the seat of a Top Fuel Dragster during the warm-up procedure and loved every second of it.

            When I met Linda Kay Clark in February 1964, I thought “One of These Days” I will ask her out on a date. Well, “One of These Days” happened in August 1964 and I asked this cute fifteen year old red head out and she said yes. Can you believe it? On that date, we went to the drag races at Fontana Drag City in southern California. “One of These Days” came to fruition.

            “One of These Days” in drag racing almost came to fulfillment in my life. Our close friend Jim Plummer, from Gold Hill, OR ran a Donavan powered Top Fuel Dragster. We met Jim in 1975 in Bakersfield, CA and occasionally raced with him. In the summer of 1977, Linda and our kids Laurie and Jim, Jr. became his crew. He was planning on teaching me how to wrench on, and how to run a fuel car. The plan was “One of These Days” we would be touring drag racing professionals. Unfortunately, this dream came to an end on “One of These Days” in May 1978 when Jim was injured by severe tire shake at OCIR and lost his life eight days later.

            Even though we’ve experienced some not too pleasant things in our life, and who hasn’t, looking back I wouldn’t change things even if I could, which would mean not driving a Top Fuel Dragster. Good friend Eddie Knox did ask me one time if I wanted to take a spin in his Top Alcohol Hydro. Another friend, Donnie Couch showed me his big fist and said, “I don’t think so!” Linda instantly became a big Donnie Couch fan at that very moment.

            How many people have said, “One of These Days” I will be a driver and get to go over 200 mph? Many have thought about it, but to do it takes big money, lots of time, a strong commitment, and a true passion to give it a whirl…it might make your hair curl…not for every boy or girl…some may even want to hurl…a parachute you do unfurl…but remember trusting in God will always get you through the gates made of pearl.

            In life, so many humans have voiced these words, “One of These Days” I will become a racer, I will win a race, I will be a college graduate, I will be a doctor, I will be a business owner, I will be a millionaire, I will be a parent, and just maybe someday I will become a world champion racer! People procrastinate, don’t have the skills, don’t have the finances, or life simply gets in the way and they never get to “One of These Days.”

            Even in the spiritual world, how many people say, “One of These Days” I will become a Christian. I’ll trust Christ as my Savior, but I’m not quite ready to make that commitment. I’ll wait till I’m older and done living out my life. Well, friends, “One of These Days” may never come if you keep putting it off. We have no guarantees of tomorrow, but God has the power to make changes in your life today…so join the fray…since He’s The Way!

Think of the two thieves on the cross next to Jesus when He was being crucified. It was just “One of These Days” in Jerusalem, one truly innocent man between two very guilty men who were condemned to die on a cross. One guilty guy hurled disheartening insults and was taunting and mocking a bleeding Christ, while the other condemned guy proclaimed Jesus was innocent. Jesus said to that one repentant man on His right who confessed that Jesus was the Christ, “Today you will be with me in Paradise.” Not “One of These Days,” but “Today!”

To become a follower of Jesus Christ: You may have to give up everything, and it may even cost you everything, but in return you will get everything. So the word for you is, please do it today!

            I’ll never drive a Top Fuel Dragster or a Top Fuel Hydro. I’ll never become an accomplished mechanic who tunes nitro engines. I’ll never become a physician, a pilot, or a philanthropic personality, as that’s over and above my present ability.

            You folks who read our monthly “Straightline” column know I love music and refer to song lyrics often. Songs can bring that melancholy feeling of “One of These Days” in the past that was truly remember-able. You may know Pink Floyd was my favorite rock band. We saw them back in 1972 just before “Dark Side of the Moon” was released and they became world famous. We also saw them perform The Wall, and their Animals concert.

            The lyrics are short, but not sweet to “One of These Days.” “One of these days I’m going to cut you into little pieces.” The reason God wants you “One of These Days” to trust Him is because the devil wants to cut you into little pieces, joining him eternally separated from God.

            Growing up, I had a few things in mind, drag racing, and of course drag racing, college, family, seeing some wonders of the world, but I never imagined “One of These Days” I would become a Christian, and eventually an ordained pastor and have the privilege of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ and the kingdom of God with thousands of people—maybe you?—in the world of motorsports. Who would have thought a former pot smoker for twenty years (’68-’88) would become a preacher, and a writer, and eventually attend Moody Bible Institute?

            My dad was proud of me for being the only minister in the family. I’m sure he never thought “One of These Days” his second son would become a minister of the gospel and travel around the country sharing the Good News of Christ Jesus at the races.  

            Answering God’s call is our key purpose in life. He communicates to everyone in the world in some way that “One of These Days” His desire is that all of us will surrender to Him and become followers of Christ. That “One of These Days” we would live our life the way He planned, and fulfill His purpose during our time on earth. He knew “One of These Days” those who’ve trusted in His Son as Savior would live with Him forever in heaven.

            In God’s kingdom there are many things He wants us to do in obedience to His will. These commands are not arbitrary. They are things He wants us to do immediately. I’ve learned in and through my own spiritual walk: Instant obedience will teach you more about God than a lifetime of Bible discussions.

The day you make your first run on the track you become a racer. The day you accept Jesus Christ as your Savior, God the Father wants you to immediately start attending a Bible teaching church. Immediately get baptized. Immediately begin financially supporting His kingdom work. And immediately start serving in your chosen church or ministry.

God does not want you to say, “Maybe I’ll start going to church down the road. Maybe I’ll get baptized in a couple of years. Maybe I’ll start giving some of my money to the church after I become a better believer. Maybe I’ll start serving in the church once I feel I am more qualified to serve.”

            Think about the times in your life when you said, “One of These Days” I am going to_____________? But the time never arrived. How many people have gone to their grave thinking “One of These Days” I am going to reconcile with that friend or that family member? “One of These Days” I am going to reconcile with my heavenly Father, but decided to put it off thinking I’ll do it next month, or next year, or next whenever.

            Some people think the good old days, that old life they once lived was a good place to be, a good place to return to, but if they truly understand that “One of These Days” they can reside with God for all their days—eternally speaking—and once they’ve tasted the goodness of His kingdom life, they’ll never be satisfied with living their old life again. Are you longing for the past? Be careful what you wish for.

Don’t give the enemy a seat at your table, or a ride in your car, or a ride in your racing machine. The Lord is that elusive thing we all long for to bring fulfillment and satisfaction everywhere on earth. Only Christ can feed our hungry soul with provisions from the Kingdom of God.   

            “One of These Days” everyone will realize they made the right decision to become a follower of Christ, or they made the wrong decision not believing in the Son of the Creator of the universe. God wants the very best for us and He will direct our path if we will only submit to His eternal plan…as soon as we can…every woman and man…forget being just a fan…now is the time to join God’s clan…for the rest of your earthly lifespan…and let Christ become your Anchorman!