Rev. Jim Jack

       by Jim Jack   

  “Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.” What a great way to greet people. The Apostle Paul’s epistles to the New Testament churches discussed many subjects in his heart-felt writings. His love for people and his love for the Gospel came across with elation and serenity. He even used racing analogies—“Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us”—to get his message across, while often describing Christ’s finished work on the cross and His resurrection for mankind. His goal was communicating through his teaching of the theological richness found in his influential words.

            If the Apostle Paul would have founded racetracks and preached to racers instead of founding churches with his love for all the saints and sinners, mankind may have missed what the greatest evangelist wanted to convey to everyone who ever read his immortal thoughts and insights through his encouraging word…spirit filled like a dove bird…sharing truths to his Christian flocks and herd…on his journey’s first through third…because his spirit was reborn and eternally stirred.

            Who knows what a preacher man like Paul would have to say at a racetrack full of passionate people praying purposefully for their love of racing. Would his letters and words have gone unheard amidst all the noise of a packed pit full of hundreds of horsepower laden machines just waiting for the countdown to set them off on a race course of their own? Remember, the moment you become a Christian you enter a new race. Racing to fulfill God’s will in your life.

            Those first century churches filled with people, just like our twenty first century racetracks filled with racing enthusiasts eager to hear the sound of a few thousand horses ready to stampede down the race track…if the crew chief found the knack…to stay ahead of the surging pack…his brain he had to wrack…maybe taking some flak…but knowing the Lord says forge ahead and never turn back.

            Y’all know my music-mind-set, it’s good for the soul…and when you are on a writing roll…composing your own words on a computer scroll…knowing the Gospel is the ultimate goal…the words of a friend may help you feel whole…realizing God is truly in control.


          “Well it eleven o’clock on a Sunday morning and in the staging lanes the qualified team’s shuffle in…there’s an old veteran sitting at the ramp making faces at his next of kin.


            Give us a sermon by the preacher man to share the truth today…we’re all in the mood and racing has us anxious to play.


          He says son can you play me a memory but for some reason I don’t remember how it goes…it’s sad and it’s sweet but I do remember the race was complete back when my driving suit fit like a much younger man’s clothes.


            Give us a sermon by the preacher man to share the truth today…we’re all in the mood and racing has us anxious to play.


          Now Paul in his Top Fueler is a friend of mine he gives me lessons for free…and he’s fast with a joke, but yesterday his motor went up in smoke so there’s some place he’d rather be.


            Give us a sermon by the preacher man to share the truth today…we’re all in the mood and racing has us anxious to play.


Sing us a song you’re The Preacher Man, sing us a song today…we’re all here to listen and believe your testimony and now we’re feeling okay.


Give us a sermon by the preacher man to share the truth today…we’re all in the mood and racing has us anxious to play.


          Now Paul was a Bible author who never had time for a wife…and he’s talking with Jesus on the Damascus Road and learned that he just received eternal life.”


The Preachers Man’s creed: “For what I received I passed on to you as of first importance,” (1 Corinthians 15:3). Understanding the truth takes time and repetition. No one in racing learned everything the first day. Learning will help us reach new levels of understanding of the truth behind the words.

A racer or driver should never feel like he or she has outgrown their need to know the foundational truths of tuning and driving a racing machine. Therefore, you must preach the racing gospel to yourself every day. Memorization of every aspect of an engine is crucial to becoming successful.

            When we listen to The Preacher Man, we can understand the amazing power in God’s Word. More power than a nitro engine could ever develop. The key is to allow God’s power to reach deep into our hearts. The great British preacher Alan Redpath said, “The conversion of a soul is the miracle of a moment, the manufacture of a saint is the task of a lifetime.” The Preacher Man who wrote Philippians 4:9 states, “The things which you learned, received, heard, and saw in me: do these things and the God of peace will be with you.” Just as we learned how to drive a car, or learned how to drive a racing machine, the Lord shows us how to live life.

Bobby Bandara, the leader of the Men’s Group “Practice” I attend on Saturday mornings shared with us something very interesting his mother told him as she was dealing with life-threatening cancer. “Son, I taught you how to live for Jesus, and now I am going to teach you how to die for Jesus!” Profound teaching words from a very godly woman.

            Racers spend many nights and many early mornings working on their tune-up and set-up for the next race. They need guidance and insight to learn how to handle the power the engine puts out. Let’s all be joyful in our race for God: Therefore, all followers of Christ need to learn how to harness the power God wants to give to them, and then put it into practice.

            What is the value of a well spent life? Is it winning a championship? Is it comforting others in their time of need? Is it enjoying eating a delicious meal with friends and family? Is it making strangers feel at home in your presence? The Bible bids us to walk like The Preacher Man, as this will strengthen your walk of faith when you follow his example.

            I love racing as much as anybody and I’m not afraid to admit it when I am praying at the in ramp, or standing along the fence watching a couple of nitro burners tearing up the track, it’s a little piece of heaven as I realize God made a way for me to enjoy His blessings at the races.

I’ve heard from Top Fuel Dragster drivers the only place they can relax and get away from this hectic world is in the seat of their eleven thousand horsepower machine. “This world is not my home, I’m just passing through. My treasures are laid up somewhere beyond the blue. The angels beckon me from Heaven’s open door, and I can’t feel at home in this world anymore.” (Jim Reeves)

The Heavenly Preacher Man literally stunned yours truly with His plan…which He revealed to me as a forty year old man…He said I have something special for you and Stan…hang on as it will be grand…even monumental so please join my caravan…as you follow the Son of Man.

Is God stirring your heart right now? He’ll willingly move in your life if you’ll simply let Him. Dare to believe He has made you “a new creation.” When Christ truly comes into your heart, you will never be the same person again. As far as God’s tune-up goes, “You know him, for he dwells with you and will be with you,” (John 14:17).

            My prayer is that you have a “Preacher Man” in your faith walk helping you get a grasp on earthly life as well as eternal life. As the sweet sound of a nitro fed engine sings it’s beautiful music to the ears of a racing fan…God also sings his sweet music to His heavenly clan…man by man…woman by woman…it’s amazing our Creator has such a plan…even if we don’t feel like the best man…it’s time to read the Good Book and not just scan…so listen to your clergyman…and let him direct you to the Doorman…who is the eternal Helmsman!